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In 2004, Pearson Scott Foresman launched a project in response to California’s request for submissions to the adoption of a new California History-Social Science curriculum. An investment was made to develop a technology based curriculum that would revolutionize standard print curriculum. 3Cs&me was contracted to support a cross-divisional, executive team to suport the program’s internal launch and work within the marketplace to identify resources and relationships to facilitate the awareness and acceptance for this type of curriculum solution.


Fifty Percent Of California's K-5 Students Access This Innovative Program

Pearson Scott Foresman California History-Social Science is a standards-driven, interactive program written specifically for California. Three Pearsominstructional paths - text, digital, activities - make this program come to life for the fifty percent of all K-5 students in California that are currently using it to learn history/social studies. The Digital Path, available in both English and Spanish, allows students to work directly with primary source documents and greatly expands the depth of the content coverage.

Every Standard is a lesson in the program, so that instruction is highly focused, efficient, and productive. Pearson Scott Foresman California History-Social Science includes engaging introductions; videos to build background; audio-enabled student text; interactive practice; and assessment.


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