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For some it was very simple, and for others, the project was complex.

For some clients, what’s needed is a report, a study, a validation. For others; assistance in defining resources, evaluating market expansion, review of marketing materials, or assistance in developing partnerships and customer opportunities. 3Cs works with you to identify priorities, determine the scope of effort, and define what resources are needed to support your needs.



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Mark Schlager

A big vision, a complex project: This describes the kind of work that SRI's world class research group has performed for over 60 years. The client, the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Educational Technology, envisioned a comprehensive site to provide tools and resources to support community involvement and technology use. “The name School 2.0 was chosen to encourage a discussion about the next generation of school that can be supported by an integrated technology infrastructure.” 3Cs&Me was engaged as a primary contributor to SRI's team: involved in the planning, design, and project management of this 18 month engagement.

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Andrea Gooden, (former) Executive Director - Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.
Andrea Gooden

Sun Microsystems Foundation

The Sun Microsystems Foundation has offered programs and resources for philanthropic use since 1990. Over the course of a year, a set of downloadable guides and online tutorials were developed. Utilizing the StarOffice Office Suite, users develop basic skills in the use of the Internet, word processing, drawing, spreadsheets & a presentation program.
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Dom Roguly
Dom Roguly
Tom McGrew
Tom McGrew
A young company with rapid growth has a range of needs. From customer outreach to corporate identity, sales and marketing must be tightly integrated. 3Cs&Me worked on a retainer basis with Edupoint for nearly 3 years. The work included sales and marketing deliverables.

Edupoint Educational Systems is a company dedicated to the development and support of student administrative products for K-12 school districts. Committed to incorporating the best technology and user features, the principals of Edupoint have set the standard for SIS systems for over 25 years. Edupoint continues this commitment today with our true web-based solution GENESIS and, more fundamentally, our operating business philosophy of Customer First, Always.

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Dean Zellman, President, E-Blocks, USA
Dean Zellman
E-Blocks, Positivo Informática

E-Blocks, a product developed by a large Brazilian company, needed consulting support to refine their market segment and reach their target market. Working with their in-house deign team, we produced content and layout designs.  Already an internationally awarded product, LanierThinking and 3Cs developed and guided E-Blocks to:
- Refine their market niche
- Participate in US trade shows: including the development of letters & ad copy for these events
- Reach specific organizations for partnering, or product reviews/awards (SIIA CODIE, AEP)
- Utilize an early assessment/evaluation study to develop new collateral to incorporate findings
- Conduct interviews of early adopters, developing a composite product & customer reference piece; the foundation for a customer newsletter, and setting a base line for further customer studies
- Provide recommendations for trial placements in potential key account school districts

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Learning Station
Mark Crosby, LearningStation
Mark Cosby



LearningStation strives to make teaching and learning personal, authentic and engaging for educators and students across the United States and around the world. Known as the leading provider of customized web desktops for schools, the company focuses on bringing together and delivering to schools proven, engaging applications that support effective learning relationships and improve student achievement.

LearningStation engaged 3Cs&me for a 4 month engagement to support their marketing and business development efforts. Business development activities included evaluation of potential partnerships, trade show support, and customer communication.

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Pearson is the global leader in educational publishing, assessment, information and services, helping people of all ages to learn at their own pace, in their own way. The company's comprehensive offerings help inform targeted instruction and intervention so that success is within reach of every student.

In 2004, Pearson Scott Foresman launched a project in response to California’s request for submissions to the adoption of a new California History/Social Science curriculum. An investment was made to develop a technology based curriculum that would revolutionize standard print curriculum. A cross-divisional, executive team was formed to not only create the product but to additionally develop the program’s launch and work within the marketplace to identify resources and relationships to facilitate the awareness and acceptance for this type of curriculum solution.

George Kane

George Kane

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Sun Microsystems develops the most innovative products and services that power the network economy. Guided by a singular vision -- "The Network is the Computer" -- Sun drives network participation through shared innovation, community development and open source leadership.

Sun Microsystems required collateral to address the K-12 marketplace, informing the market on programs, products and solutions.  Customer and partner references, in addition to information on infrastructure and architecture, support the broad technology needs in today’s K-12 educational systems.


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Who (or what) is SIIA?  SIIA is the Software & Information Industry Association, the principal trade association for the software and digital content industry. SIIA provides global services in government relations, business development, corporate education and intellectual property protection to the leading companies that are setting the pace for the digital age.

  • Promote the Industry: SIIA promotes the common interests of the software and digital content industry as a whole, as well as its component parts.
  • Protect the Industry: SIIA protects the intellectual property of member companies, and advocates a legal and regulatory environment that benefits the entire industry.
  • Inform the Industry: SIIA informs the industry and the broader public by serving as a resource on trends, technologies, policies and related issues that affect member firms and demonstrate the contribution of the industry to the broader economy.

Consultant Role: Supporting the Education Division VP in the promotion of 2 annual conferences; by engaging sponsors to support the conference in excess of $35,000. Additionally, attending and supporting the organization at the ’14 & ’15 conference in San Francisco, which includes the high profile CODiE Awards.


EDmin is a software company based in San Diego, offering K-12 solutions that provide student assessments, reporting and services. A comprehensive solution suite, 3Cs&me provided the role of ‘Client Services Manager’, which means developing a relationship with clients for the retention, renewal and expansion of contract terms. This role, primarily a virtual one, not only provided a high level relationship with the client decision maker, but provided input to both technical support and product development as potential concerns or requests were identified.

Monarch Teaching Technology/VizZle
For several years 3Cme has been the western region, or California specific representative for VizZle; a SaaS product for special education students, notably those identified with Autism. In addition to working with districts in their planning and purchasing decision, 3 success stories were created for use on the company website.


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