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3Cs enjoys successful working relationships with many groups. It is a pleasure to work collaboratively with industry leaders who have consistently delivered exemplary services to their clients. We are happy to refer clients to these groups, or to work with them in meeting your needs. Our goal for achieving the best results is to bring the best resources to your project.
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Christine GriftnerPrincipal: Christine Griftner

Christine's career in education and technology spans over 25 years in industry & public education. A third generation educator, Christine was a tenured classroom teacher in Highland Park, Illinois, after receiving her Bachelor's Degree from National Louis University, Evanston, Illinois. She completed her Masters in Educational Technology from Pepperdine University in 1998. Christine's industry experience includes employment with technology companies large and small, both hardware and software solution providers. A successful sales representative, channel manager, regional and national field marketing roles, a regional sales manager, and global business development role all provided rich and comprehensive experiences from which to draw.

Christine consults with educational companies, on retainer and by project, as well as working with other consultant groups to bring the right resources to any project.

The education marketplace is appealing; it's the excitement of children, new opportunities for adults, and organizational or administrative tools for those who manage the business of education. It's a complex set of markets, a dynamic landscape, with a diverse set of decision makers. Whether it is a business opportunity, or a philanthropic endeavor, education is a common experience for many of us, and a promise to others. Education and educators are about sharing and growing.
For me, it's a vocation.
It’s where I began, it’s how I interact with the world. Educators have my appreciation and respect, and I admire what they strive to do every day.After years of working with, and for, others in this industry, I have cultivated skills, experiences, contacts and great friends.

Here's your invitation; let us help you with your project needs.

Christine Griftner

*vo•ca•tion (vō-kā'shən) n.
1. A regular occupation, especially one for which a person is particularly suited or qualified.
2. An inclination, as if in response to a summons, to undertake a certain kind of work, especially a religious career; a calling.



  • ArtStream is a multimedia company providing web-based and print media marketing solutions. ArtStream worked as a contract partner with 3Cs&me on the Sun Microsystems Internet Tutorial and the eToolKit site for the U.S. Department of Education contract with SRI. The expertise to work in collaboration is more than skill in html, flash or other development tools, the skill to listen and interpret client vision is what seperates ArtStream from the others.
  • Audio Advantage provides recording and voice over work for broadcast, web and phone system use. Audio Advantage sound studio and editing was used for some recording of the eToolkit Learning Ecosystem map events.
  • CollinsConsults: Sue Collins is the Principal at CollinsConsults. Using expertise and experience gained in classroom, district, and state administrative positions, along with direct management experience gained at leading hardware, software, and Internet companies, CollinsConsults works collaboratively with clients to create strategies and solutions that address key education market opportunities and challenges.more>>
  • Educational Systemics: Educational Systemics’ mission is to improve teaching and learning in schools by working closely with K-12 businesses to conceptualize, design, develop, position, and identify sales opportunities for products that address the education community. 3Cs&me worked with Educational Systemics to produce report information regarding product line strategy and channel evaluation and strategy. Clients included Scholastic & SonicWall.
  • LanierThinking: Founded in 1997 by Peggy Lanier, LanierThinking is a full-service strategic marketing, sales management, public relations, advertising and business development firm. 3Cs&me worked with Peggy to support e-Blocks, as well as general collaboration in the K-12 marketplace.
  • LWI.COM is a pioneering graphics resource center delivering all forms of high-quality marketing communications from print to Web. Kathleen Coles has developed logos, engaging layouts for print collateral, including ad copy and CD covers. LWI work is shown in many projects, their expertise and services in both design and layout are in evidence in the ‘Traveling the Internet Guide’, a PDF reference document (see Sun Microsystems project page). more>>

  • RedRock Reports: RedRock Reports is focused on meeting the strategic needs of the K-12 publishing, technology and services community through consulting, advisory, training and research services. RedRock provides School Funding Service, a subscription service of grant data and provides consulting on funding alignment and sales and marketing intelligence to help companies and organizations achieve critical sales and marketing objectives. Principal Dr. Jennifer House, Ph.D. is a noted education market leader, a former school district administrator and educational technology innovator. In addition to her education background, she also held executive positions with Apple Computer, Classroom Connect, and other leading K-12 organizations. 3Cs&me has worked with RedRocks reports for several clients, including ETS and Scientific Learning. more>>
  • SRI International’s Center for Technology in Learning (CTL) is a renowned research and development center which seeks to advance theory and research on effective learning and teaching, and to embody these insights in the innovative design, use, and assessment of interactive learning environments. In addition to the eToolKit site for the U.S. Department of Education, 3Cs&me worked with SRI to provide a market scan for Intel’s education team.

  • TechEdServices: Tech Ed Services is a Los Angeles based organization that has supported schools and school districts for more than 15 years. Tech Ed Services teams of education and technology specialists and consultants have provided unique, cost-effective outsourcing options for site, district and county office technology projects in more than one hundred school districts and educational organizations.


Keith Krueger

Christine Griftner is a passionate corporate leader in education technology.  During her service on the CoSN Board, she identified a number of powerful and creative ways for CoSN to improve the connection between educators and the business community.  She combines hard work and visionary leadership


Keith R. Krueger

Karen Billings

Of the many knowledgeable people I know within the education technology field , Christine Griftner stands out as one of the most well-informed, skilled and ardent supporters  in our industry.  She served on the Education Board of the Software & Information Industry and throughout her term, proved to be a dedicated and articulate member.  She came prepared, with an abundance of good ideas, as well as a dedication to helping out where it was needed.  My experience working with Christine over the many years (in different companies) proved over and over again, that sheʼs one of those special people you can count on to do a great job and will want to work with again.


Karen Billings
VP Education Division

Patricia Sanford Christine has been a professional contact of mine for over 20 years. In every interaction, across multiple corporations and within various sales, marketing and executive level business development roles and responsibilities, Christine has always shown a commitment to results -- a dedication that is often illusive in today's business relationships.
She continues to be a valued contributor to my company's strategic planning, looking for the win/win in all situations; inherently thinking like a client; being a thoughtful contributor to help inform corporate goals and decisions; and valuing all parties at the transactional level. These unique abilities, along with her creative thinking and connections to people and ideas, motivated our Executive team in 2004 to invite Christine to join our corporation's Board of Directors, where she continues to assist in the company's growth and planning.
To work with Christine is to gain a confidant who will always speak up, one who willingly shares her knowledge, expertise and deep intellect in the best interests of the organizations she serves.
Pat Sanford
Tech Ed Services, Inc.

LinkedIn Recommendations:

Sue Collins: Collins Consults

"I have had the opportunity to work with Christine over the past 20 years in a variety of roles. At Apple, Christine was in the field and I was in corporate -- she did an exceptional job of translating the use of technology to potential customers; at Jostens (now Compass Learning), Christine provided a high-quality communication bridge between corporate marketing and field sales. And as a consultant, Christine and I have worked on numerous projects. Key to our success has been Christine's attention to detail, understanding of the education market and willingness to speak directly to the target audience. Christine's dedication to finding the right solution for the customer and the company is a hallmark of her work. ."



Peggy Lanier: LanierThinking

Christine's excellent knowledge of the K-12 marketplace is a key attribute to her success. She understands and applies this knowledge to her work with intensity and creativity. She has the ability to take a project from concept through completion - including keeping an eye on ROI. Christine is great to work with and shares ideas willingly. She often is the major contributor to projects and isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and dive in to get the job done."
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity


Jenny House: RedRock Reports

Actually she has all the attributes mentioned above but I was only allowed to choose 3.
Christine is incredibly knowledgeable about the education industry. She has great contacts as well so she is an invaluable member of any team doing market research, business planning, marketing projects or sales strategies and implementation. She is always on time, produces great work and most important, will always go the extra mile to make sure the work is what the client needs. I would hire her again in a heartbeat
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time


Tim Grubb: EducationElectric (formerly of Pearson Digital)

I worked with Christine to get a product out the door and to help promote our product once it was released. I always enjoyed working with her and always felt that my issues were understood, cared about and handled in a professional manner.


Gordon Garb: Sun Microsystems

Christine is motivated and energized by putting together solutions that help kids learn. She cares deeply about the K-12 educational space, and she knows how the educational system works, and how to make it better. Her passion is infectious; her drive is focused; she doesn't let even major roadblocks get her down; she finds ways to succeed. She inspired and taught me; I'd love to work with her again. She'll be an asset to any organization.


Barbara Preston: former Sun Microsystems Account Rep

I had the pleasure to work with Christine in the educational market for several years at Sun. She's a natural project leader/manager, she see what needs to be done and takes charge, She's very detailed and a team player. She leads by example. I would love to have her on my team.



Mark Cosby Leaning Station Christine’s years of experience in the K12 industry have enabled her to establish an impressive network of strategic contacts among K12 industry leaders. Christine is uniquely positioned to provide market insights as well as pull together prospective partners in support of business development activities.
Mark Cosby
Vice President
Sales & Marketing LearningStation

Andrea Gooden, (former) Executive Director - Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc. Andrea at SunThe Sun Microsystems Foundation hired Christine Griftner for a number of projects intended to demystify technology and improve learning outcomes for youth and adults of all abilities.
Christine is an outstanding educator, an expert technologist, and curriculum development specialist. Her understanding of the global education market and what it takes to deliver high-quality products enable Sun to garner respect and credibility among diverse audiences. Christine is creative in her approach, a consummate professional, and a joy to work with.
Andrea Gooden
(former) Executive Director
Sun Microsystems Foundation, Inc.

When Pearson Scott Foresman launched itʼs groundbreaking elementary social studies program in California, we faced a challenge because of the unprecedented amount of digital content and features.  Christine helped connect us with key district and regional educational technology coordinators, helped define the issues, and helped facilitate discussions that contributed to what was ultimately an enormously successful program.
George Kane
SVP Special & Emerging Markets, Pearson

Tom McGrew Christine worked with Edupoint to describe our comprehensive K-12 Student Information System solution for visual presentation on our website, as well as supporting our responses to proposals, where technical information is required. She has strong technical and market knowledge that I came to appreciate and respect. I am happy to provide a reference for her, and look forward continued opportunities to work with her.
Tom McGrew

Dom Roguly For over two years Christine has provided a fresh approach to the public face of Edupoint Educational Systems and our products. She created a dramatic visual web presentation of our products through a series of vignettes that she authored and directed, and produced as well, highly visual static representations that guide interested parties through our product set. The results of her work can be seen on Christine is a dedicated professional who can be counted upon to see (and push – often with executives who have to be prodded) a project through. She is thoughtful of all in her relationship with them, is a team oriented player, but most importantly, is results oriented.
Dom Roguly
Executive VP

Mark Schlager I sought a consultant for this complex, highly visible, national Website who combined experience in education technology, education marketing communications, and Web design to augment our in-house design and development team. Christine brought skills in each of these areas. She  immediately became an integral member of the team, leading several tasks and contributing to all phases of the work. She is smart, high energy, results-oriented, and, most importantly, a team player. 
Mark Schlager
Former Associate Director of Learning
Communities Center for Technology in Learning
SRI International

Dean Zellman, President, E-Blocks, USA
Dean Zellman
E-Blocks USA

Dean ZellmanAs the US distributor of South America’s leading educational product company, it was imperative to find a marketingprofessional to aid us in introducing E-Blocks to the US market. We were at the stage in our development where we could really benefit from sophisticated marketing advice,but we had a limited budget. Our challenge was to penetrate the educational market in a very short period while maintaining our successful image. Christine came highly recommended. She kept us focused by developing a strategic marketing plan supported by excellent written materials. Her depth of knowledge, professionalism, and insightful analysis of the educational market helped us reach our goals.






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